Marketing Posts

Welcome to the Marketing posts.

I had the great pleasure to present at Masterclassing Minneapolis this morning on the topic of Measuring Success in a Digital World. Thanks to my sponsors RBA, Inc. and Sitecore - and the welcoming Masterclassing audience.

Today Matt Anderson and I spoke at CRMUG Minnesota on the topic of Marketing Automation.

Watch a pre-recorded webinar, sponsored by RBA, Inc. and Sitecore, where I explain the key benefits and powerful features of Sitecore EXM, demonstrate the platform's capabilities, and showcase how Sitecore EXM can create a consistent and seamless experience.

I will be hosting an EXM 3.4 webinar sponsored by RBA, Inc. and Sitecore on April 18th - REGISTER NOW!

In this 25+ criteria evaluation of enterprise email service providers Marketo and Sitecore EXM 3.4 – I researched, analyzed, and scored them based on their ability to provide marketers the tools they need to efficiently run email campaigns.

I tried to follow the instructions that Sitecore posted, Walkthrough: Building a custom message template – and while they are well written instructions, I kept running into issues and couldn’t understand where I went wrong. So I decided to find a way ...

Sitecore released EXM 3.4 at the end of October 2016 and there was much rejoicing. With over 30 new features/improvements and 60+ bug fixes, Sitecore EXM 3.4 is beginning to show that it is very capable of replacing a lot of organizations email marke ...