What's hot, what's not with Sitecore EXM 3.4?

Sitecore released EXM 3.4 at the end of October 2016 and there was much rejoicing. With over 30 new features/improvements and 60+ bug fixes, Sitecore EXM 3.4 is beginning to show that it is very capable of replacing a lot of organizations email marketing platforms.



-          Move away from Dyn

-          Requires Sitecore 8.2

-          New pricing structure

-          No PaaS support

-          Spam Check + Email Preview included

-          Lacks de-duping of lists

-          Does not require exclude list

-          Communication limits and list types


While the HOT list is pretty AWESOME, some of the little things like lacking an automated de-dupe during list uploads or the ability to put communication limits on contacts – for instance saying a contact can only receive 3 marketing related emails within a 7 day period… this provides a better experience for the email recipient AND helps reduce the number of spam complaints and unsubscribes happening for the marketer/end-user.

All of that said, I think from an architectural and usability standpoint, EXM 3.4 is headed in the right direction – I can only hope that some of the tiny details that would make a marketer’s life easier will also be tended to.


I just finished doing an assessment comparing Sitecore EXM 3.4 with Marketo. I need to run it through a few channels first, but I’m hoping to share it with you in a few weeks.

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