Insert tables into your Sitecore EXM email templates with rich text editor

Email styling = tables. Why the ability to insert tables is not a feature easily available to the end-user is beyond me. This literally took me an hour to figure out – is this the preferred way of adding tables… it doesn’t matter, because it works!

  1. Open the Sitecore Desktop.
  2. Switch the database from master to core.

  3. Open the Content Editor.
  4. Navigate to system > Settings > Html Editor Profiles > Rich Text Full.
  5. Expand Toolbar 1.
  6. Right-click on Insert Table.
  7. Select Copying.
  8. Click Copy To.
  9. Navigate to system > Settings > Html Editor Profiles > Message Content > Toolbar 1.
  10. Click Copy.
  11. Switch the database from core to master.
  12. Use the rich text editor to add tables upon tables to style your emails with ease.

This will empower your marketers/end-users to have been control of the design of their email templates - and hopefully get them off your back for a while.

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Also, I'm a digital strategist, not a developer - so when you see code on here, do not assume that it follows any best practices, because I'm simply trying to create actionable, measurable, marketing strategies as quickly as possible so that I can test and pivot accordingly.

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